2. Newborn~Family/Friends

みどりさんに撮っていただいた写真には「永遠性」があるようだ。みどりさんが切り取る一瞬、一瞬が 写真の中に凍結される。それらは、パラレルワールドとなり、その瞬間はそのまま息づく存在となる。記憶なんかじゃない。ある桜の季節に、我が家はみどりさんに半日がかりで家族風景を撮っていただいた。その写真がいつもリビングに、PC、スマホにある。写真となったその瞬間は今も息づいていて、その中の自分が、妻が、子供たちが今の僕に微笑み、話しかけ励ましてくれている。

田中 和郎

Midori S. Inoue is a dream to work with!  She is very easygoing, has a splendid eye, and delivers stunning work!  We highly recommend her for your family portrait for any season!

by Mitsuru Hirakawa

Midori is like a part of our family after a while.  We do only see her once a year but her photos of our kids growing up are special to us.  Her ability to make them comfortable and enjoyable over the years has been a strong reason why we return.

by Kana Jimbo

Midori is an amazingly talented photographer and beautiful person, and I am so glad to have been able to work with her over years.  My mother usually comes to visit us for the cherry blossom season and I have asked Midori to take photos of her who just turned to 84.  From the moment my Mom met her, she had such a wonderfully warm spirit and extraordinary  positive energy!  Within the 2 hours session, she took us to a cherry-blossom-blooming location and her studio.  She took over the thousand photos, each with a different vibe and so much variety.  Mom is not a natural model at all, and she has always felt extremely awkward getting her pictures taken.  Midori chat with her had a cup of green tea and sweets with her laughing to warm her up.  Midori Tried out different poses, sometimes a pose with the stuffed animal, Mom’s favorite Snoopy! Definitely Mom enjoyed each moment and photos are loved by our family and fiends. We are recommending Midori to everyone. Mom always talks about how much fun she had at the Midori’s Studio and wants to take photos every Spring! Thank you, Midori!

by Ikumi Kuroda