Norma Hardy PAPD (c)2001
Valerie Ghent (c)9.15.2001 Cavos Music (ASCAP)
WTC Ground Zero Relief volunteer
I've met stronger men I'm sure
I just don't remember when
With barreled chests and big strong arms
to carry our brothers in
I wish my shoulders now
were even more widely spread
so I could hold the grief we bear
and not waver from the dread
I've seen young men with tears in their eyes
they stand so tall, yet broken
and when we have to say goodbye
the words remain unspoken
we need to feel there's something
on which we can rely
and in our hours of anguish
we look up to the sky
and through the tears we shed
the wonders from above
remind us that we're here to show undying love
sometimes I think about the fact
that I've been truely blessed
for I have been called one of the men
an honor, nothing less
I've stood in the company of greatness
heard stories of children and wives
all from ordinary men
who were just trying to live their lives
now I hear words like hero
and it touches me within
for I've broken bread with heroes
but to me they are "the men"
I feel that now's the time
to get my message to
the men who I see daily
their greatness shines through
the pipers who respond
to our fallen brothers rites
they're exhausted and so weary
yes they play with so much might
I know there'll come a time
when we will all meet again
god's light will shine around us
but we must wait till then
now we say goodbye to our poet, a prankster,
a preacher and a friend
all of those we hold dear in our hearts
we say goodbye to "the men"
dedicated to our fallen comrades
Norma Hardy PAPD (c)2001
This song is dedicated to those whose presence we all still feel among us,
to the weight of their souls which we all carry now
can you hear us

cause we hear you
can you feel us
cause we feel you
can you see us
cause oh we see you
everywhere and in everything we do
we'll carry on
we'll carry on
we'll carry on - as long as we can
we'll carry on
and though we survivors
we walk the streets
stare into
each others eyes
as we search for connection
to feel that weユre alive
though part of us has died
yes deep down part of us has died
every morning
every night
we look downtown
there's no light
yet we feel your presence
we feel your weight
we feel your souls as they alight
if it's any comfort
as you watch from there
I hope you see how much we care
and know we carry you with every breath of air
we'll carry on - as long as we can
we'll carry on - doing what we can
we'll carry on - even if we don't know how
we'll carry on
for those who are left
to face the truth
no one knows
all we fear
no one knows
where we're gonna go from here
but we'll carry on
we'll carry on - even if we're scared
we'll carry on - we carry you in our prayers
we'll carry on
we'll carry on
President Bush&Val Mayor Bloomberg&Val Nat. Sec. Advisor Rice&Val Gen. Powell